Replica Fox Skull Candle Holder

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Our fabulous highly realistic replica animal skulls are now available as candle holders!

These solid cast resin skulls are extremely durable in comparison to real bone and you don't have to worry about it losing teeth or smelling like a chew toy to your pets!

Entirely ethical while still capturing the spirit of the animal, now they can really light up a room!

Wonderful as a centerpiece clustered with some flowers, up on a mantle over a fireplace, or simply on your bedside table next to a stack of books, these skull candle holders add a delightful sense of the macabre to any space.

Each skull candle holder will fit any standard taper candle and comes with a 10" unscented ivory taper candle. A small amount of wax may be scraped off of the bottom of the candle when inserting it into the hole in the skull, which ensures a tight fit and therefore a secure candle.

Each skull is handcrafted so please expect some variation.

It is not recommended to burn the taper all the way down to the skull. The flame can damage the finish. It also makes it difficult to remove the remaining wax so you can replace the candles.

Please follow open flame safety practices when burning the candle. Keep away from any flammable materials. Avoid drafty areas. Always burn within sight. Trim wick to 0.25"/0.6cm before each lighting. Keep out of reach of children and pets when lit.