Meet the Panic Mechanics

Hello and welcome to our world!

We are Erin and Michael McCann: Creators and Haunters.

Erin has had a love of Halloween from childhood when her parents would build a cemetery in their front yard, make her and her brother costumes as well as dressing up themselves, and have a great time scaring trick-or-treaters.
She graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture from SIUC and has continually been improving on the mold making skills she acquired there. She also has a passion for sewing and pattern making which lend themselves well to making leather armor and other costume pieces.

Michael has also had an infatuation with Halloween from a young age when his parents would put a lot of time and effort into making costumes and doing makeup for him and his sister. He started doing special effects makeup for local film crews and was also a part of a group of people who would dress up as zombies for charitable events.
He graduated with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from SIUE and has been using his engineering and problem solving skills to come up with new, more complex products. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out through our contact page.

Happy Haunting!

Erin and Michael McCann of the Panic Mechanics in formal attire laughing together in front of a wall of artificial skulls.