Custom Pumpkin Carving

Professionally carved pumpkins are an excellent way to beautifully stylize your porch, spice up a window display, or create content for marketing your business!

We can carve pumpkins with just about any design, including your family name or business logo!

An artificial pumpkin with the Panic Mechanics logo carved into it sits next to a replica bear skull and a coffin shaped vase holding dried flowers.

Having a collection of relevant designs clustered around your logo pumpkin can create a really beautiful display to draw in customers and inspire them to share photos of your business.

If you have a Pumpkin Patch or Fall Festival, a Pumpkin Glow display or walk-through would be a great way to add value to your event! Contact us to learn more about getting started.

Our home town is Collinsville, IL just outside of St. Louis and we love working with locals. We are also willing to travel within the U.S. to carve on location or ship finished artificial pumpkins to you wherever you are!

We can carve just about any design for you and we offer a variety of sizes and colors for both real and artificial pumpkins as well.

Contact us to talk about your project today!


Pros and Cons for Real and Artificial Pumpkins:

 Real Pumpkins Artificial Pumpkins
Have a unique charm Can often tell they aren't real
Come in a wide variety
of colors, shapes, and sizes
Come in a limited number of
colors, shapes, and sizes
Have a limited life Last for years with proper care
Take longer to prep and carve Take no prep and can
be carved quickly
Smell like fall Smell like nothing
Can attract bugs and animals Do not attract bugs or animals
Great for a limited time event Great for extended use and reuse
Available seasonally Available any time