Leather and Resin Bone Pauldron - Dark Brown Leather

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This single shoulder pauldron made with real leather and resin animal bones is perfect for wastelanders, haunters, larpers, and cosplayers!

It features two raccoon skulls, one beaver skull, and five stingray barbs all cast in solid resin to be far more durable than real bone. Real leather makes up the base, hand sewn with heavy waxed thread to hold its shape. A large metal buckle allows for size adjustment.

Dark brown leather will gain darker color and wear through use which gives it the most realistic look possible. The dark color can also be a nice contrast if the rest of the costume is light.

The resin stingray barbs are naturally a bit sharp, but I can round them off for you if you like, just let me know in the comments of your order.

These are also available with or without blood splatter. The blood paint I use will stay permanently glossy and fresh looking.

The overall weight is about 1.5 pounds/680 grams. and the barbs stand about 5in/13cm up from the shoulder.

The Small fits chest size 34in/86cm to 42in/105cm.

The Large fits chest size 42in/107cm to 50in/127cm.

You can find your chest measurement by wrapping a piece of string around your chest under your arms. If you have breasts, take the measurement above the breasts in line with the armpits. Mark where the end meets the rest of the string and then lay it out flat with a yard stick or measuring tape to determine the length.

Each piece is handmade so please expect some slight variation from the photos.

I can also do custom work! Email me with your idea and we'll create a unique piece just for you!