Hooded Cloak with a Metal Clasp

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This Hooded Cloak is both comfortable and dramatic without being over the top. A fantastic addition to any costume, this lightweight cloak flows easily with your movement and won't weigh you down or be overly hot. Perfect for witches, wizards, wanderers, elves, rangers, death eaters, or a character of your very own! It can be worn comfortably over just about anything including armor. Made from a pattern of my own design with a simple black trim and subtle metal clasp. The capelet that is built in adds some visual interest and the pointed hood has trim around the front edge to counterbalance the weight so it will stay comfortably on your head without falling down all the time. Currently available in small, medium, large, and extra large based on shirt size. Please give me your height in the comment section so I can make sure it is the correct length for you. If you plan on wearing it over bulky armor or something similar, I recommend ordering one size up. I can also do custom sizing, simply send me a message with details!