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Whether you're just starting your house plant collection or adding to it, air plants are a wonderful, super easy option!

Learn how to care for these adorable, low maintenance plants!

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Have you every found yourself looking longingly at the beautiful terrariums full of dead things and flowers while scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram? Why not make one yourself? Everything in this tutorial aside from the replica beaver skull were purchased at a local craft store. Replica skulls can be found here. They're easy to work with as they aren't delicate and they don't have any funky dead smell. You'll need a few things to get started:   A Glass and Metal Terrarium. I used a front opening version, but any style will work as long as your items can fit...

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Skulls are iconic and are practically a requirement for haunted houses.

When it comes to human skulls, replicas are the obvious choice since real ones are hard to come by and extremely expensive.

But what about animal skulls?

There are three main reasons to use replica animal skulls over real ones.

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