Bobcat Replica Skulls Bulk Box of 10

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Our extremely popular resin Bobcat skull replicas are now available in bulk!

Cast in solid resin with the mandible separate from the cranium, these are incredibly durable and excellent as accessories for any costume, prop, or set.

Also fantastic for creating art!

Easy to clean, easy to move, unappealing to pets, and entirely ethical, these replicas are far superior to actual bone. Our resin Bobcat skulls, cast from a real skull, hold detail nearly indistinguishable from real bone.

They stand strong on their own, or they can be drilled, sawed, and/or sanded as needed.

The cranium is approximately 4.5 in./11.5 cm. long from the nose to back of the skull, 3 in./7.5 cm. wide across the cheek bones, and 2 in./5 cm. tall from the bottom of the molars to the top of the skull.

This bulk box is available as just craniums or as complete skulls (with mandibles); and in bone color or as white blanks ready for you to paint to suit your look!

Each skull is handcrafted so please expect some variation.